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As mentioned, Ritalin is a short term psycho stimulant narcotic for treating mild to severe ADHD, depression, anxiety and narcolepsy. Ritalin is probably the most preferred drug in dealing with these conditions due to the quick onset of it's effects. Ritalin or Concerta prescriptions are the most common.

Warnings About Buying Ritalin Online

Ritalin is classified as a Schule II drug for a reason. It's manufacturing is done for medicinal needs, however, the drug is also used recreationally and abusively. Because of the desperation of those who truly need it and cannot afford it, as well as those who abuse it, no rx Ritalin is available online. Drug toxicity from unmarked ingredients purchased through the internet is common.

It is ill-advised to order Ritalin from pharmacies across US borders. The online market is so difficult to control allowing for inferior, altered, expired or placebo-like products to be sold for increased profits. The questionable pills sold may potentially harm patients since they don't know what exactly they are ingesting. Most acknowledged Ritalin pharmacies gave licenses which is usually a good sign.

No Prescription Ritalin

Buying Ritalin with no prescription is usually not in the patient's best interests. There are some cases where long term users, or those very informed are less likely to be ripped off, however those cases are far and few between. It is better for doctor's to alter Ritalin doses or discontinue your prescription gradually as the physician deems fit as opposed to how the poorly informed patient wants to do it.


There are a lot of drugstores that are able to sell affordable Ritalin due to the ability of selling in bulk as well as to the sheer amount of people ordering no prescription Ritalin, which allows the companies to do away with stiff regulations. The other beneifit is the ease of ordering and avoidance of pharmacy lines and hours.

Online Questionnaire vs. Prescriptions

Some websites claim to offer online Ritalin prescriptions based on a self-diagnosis form. These are usually fake and designed to lure the patient in thinking everything is legitimate and licensed when it really is not. Overall, self-dosing is quite dangerous as medical professionals are able to look at things from a well-informed, experienced and objective vantage point.

Trying to get Ritalin without a prescription, may be a sign in and of itself that you do not need it or need to consult a physician if you do. However, affordable and trusted pills are available through recognized medical stores and most doctors have an idea as to which ones keep to medical standards and which do not.

There are also numerous agencies that help pay for medications or at least guide patient's in directions where they will spend less. Holistic means of overcoming ADHD, narcolepsy and depression are becoming prominent means of overcoming neurological duress which do not require chemicals or tablets, just physical and mental conditioning. Several healthcare practitioners urge their clients to take up yoga, meditation, exercise, good sleep, healthy food etc. etc.

Buy Ritalin Cheap
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