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The abuse of Ritalin is a rampant problem in the USA and abroad. One of the reasons why is how easy it is to get a Ritalin prescription. The drug is on the DEA's controlled substance group under Schedule II, much like Oxycodone. However, the medication is a powerful aid in combating ADHD, anxiety, depression, tension, narcolepsy, so there are strict guidelines enforced centered around it's manufacturing, selling and using.

How It Works

Methylphenidate acts as an aid in neurological inhibitors which block off overactivity. Quite simply, the tablets generate a sense of calm and concentration for the user and can help reduce abnormal ADHD related tendencies. Chemical therapy is usually taken in accord with psychotherapy for a determined length of time. One of the unfortunate aspects of Ritalin prescription is abuse and addiction.

A lot of recreational over-the-counter medication users seek the euphoria high that accompanies intake. Over time, one can create a tolerance, necessitating higher doses of Ritalin to achieve the desired state. A user may also develop a psychological addiction. Using the meds for any other gain other than initially intended by a professional is not recommended.

Symptoms of ADHD

Ritalin is prescribed to those that need instant alleviation from ADHD, depression or narcolepsy. The most common way is to schedule an appointment with a physician or psychologist and explain your symptoms. The doctor will then make a diagnosis stating whether or not you need chemical therapy. There's a certain set of criteria followed so as to only give serious medicine to those that seriously need it and are less likely to misuse it.

The patient is then prescribed Ritalin, followed by a specific dosage and frequency of use instructions. The drugs are picked up from a local pharmacy or an online Ritalin order is placed, which in most cases ask for the RX to be faxed over. The latter may be beneficial to those who cannot drive due to debilitating ADHD or narcoleptic syndromes, do not have time or simply favor convenience.

Other Ritalin Prescription Resources

Another options that is becoming very popular is no prescription Ritalin. There are currently several online drugstores that ask users to fill out a survey or talk directly to a web doctor and are then given their script hassle free. Incidentally, the cost of Ritalin is generally less when done this way due to the competitive market.

If this all sounds almost unbelievable, it may be, due to the overflow of drug scams online. It is a far better idea to get a Ritalin script before going any other route, for one's own safety. The medicine sold through the latter mentioned method are usually of low quality or the sites just fish for credit card pins and numbers which they then steal. However, quality pills can be found this way. Check if the website is licensed, has a privacy policy and if they stock generic Ritalin, make sure that it has an AB rating.

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